Stephen J. Skubik

My father, Stephen J. Skubik (b.1916, d. 1996) served as an Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) agent during WWII. He always maintained that he'd been given intelligence that the Soviet military had plans to kill General Patton. Further, he believed that the OSS was penetrated by Soviet intelligence and that the OSS, under Bill Donovan, actively ignored credible threats against Patton's life. My dad used to refer to Bill Donovan as "that son of a bitch," for his role in Patton's death.

A few years before my father's own death, he self-published a book on the death of General Patton. Death: The Murder of General Patton December 21, 1945 describes the experiences in WWII which lead him to believe that Patton was murdered. In 1993 there was no interest in the publishing world in one old WWII veteran's tale that General Patton was assassinated. The view wasn't popular, and there was no profit in revisiting a theory that had been suppressed and abandoned back at the beginning of the Cold War. What many a WWII vet believed was the murder of Patton had been declared a simple accident, and the machinery of state with all of its authority closed the book on General Patton.

Thanks to Robert Wilcox, General Patton's death is being reexamined. Target: Patton openly questions the official verdict of death by accident. The book offers enough investigative research to provide reasonable doubt, and goes a long way towards proving that Patton might well have been assassinated. Wilcox relies on many accounts, not least my father's. Unfortunately, Death: The Murder of General Patton is not readily available. Thus, my family has agreed to provide limited access to my dad's book here. All copyrights are retained and no profit is intended.

All of the events described in the book are the war stories we grew up with. My dad was utterly consistent over the years with the "facts" that are represented in his book. That said, the book is not well documented from an acedemic perspective. The reader should bring a sceptical eye to the story. If you live in the US, perhaps you have a relative that served in WWII with Patton - perhaps you have a family story that will help fill in the gaps. If you live in Germany, perhaps you too have a family story that will help fill in some gaps. Perhaps you can travel to Zwickau, or to Schluechtern, north of Frankfurt, as I have, to verify that the town's synagogue was in fact rebuilt. Or perhaps you are Russian, and have a story from a Great War veteran that can shed some light on Soviet intelligence activities in Germany. Maybe you are a Pole or a Ukrainian whose family member fought with the underground or the UPA. All of us, together, can help fill in the blanks of this historic mystery.

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