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Public Health Politics and the San Francisco Plague epidemic of 1900-1904

My masters thesis addresses the topic of public health politics in San Francisco, California, during the 1900 bubonic plague outbreak. It examines the history of federal and state quarantine inspection politics leading up to the political crisis which accompanied the arrival of plague in San Francisco. This study explores the inherent nature of the struggle, as well as the particular personal and political interests of the parties to the conflict. You can read a summary of the study here.

Public Health Politics and the San Francisco Plague epidemic of 1900-1904 was judged an "Outstanding Thesis for the College of Social Sciences, 2002-2003" at San Jose State University.  This work was produced with the support of the 2001 Mildred Gentry Winters Graduate Scholarship and the 2001 Lyle V. Burmahln Memorial Fellowship.  Enjoy!

Stephen Skubik and the Patton Murder Controversy

Since the recent publication of Target: Patton by Robert Wilcox, there has been renewed interest in the death of General Patton and the theory that Patton was murdered. My father, Stephen J. Skubik (b.1916, d. 1996) served as an Army Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) agent during WWII. He always maintained that he'd been given intelligence that the Soviet military had plans to kill General Patton. Further, he believed that the OSS was penetrated by Soviet intelligence and that the OSS, under Bill Donovan, actively ignored credible threats against Patton's life. My dad used to refer to Bill Donovan as "that son of a bitch," for his role in Patton's death.

A few years before my father's own death, he self-published a book on the death of General Patton. Death: The Murder of General Patton December 21, 1945 describes the experiences in WWII which lead him to believe that Patton was murdered. Read more about Patton.

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